Yoga for Balance

Listening to our intuition, this process of waking up, is the path to inner peace.  Then our wholeness is achieved when our intuition and intelligence create a balanced relationship.  This intuitive wholeness is the greatest practice we can give ourself.


About Lana

A Life of Balance & Wellness


Lana was introduced to yoga in 1998 by her family's friend who was also her physiotherapist after a back and knee injury.  After that, she was hooked. 

She came to Montréal for Masters of Music.  She minored in biology to explore the benefits of yoga practice on singers and musicians, combining both in her Master's thesis.  In 2003, during her Master's she started teaching yoga.  In 2007, she opened Moksha Yoga NDG and is co-owner there.  Then in 2010, they opened Moksha Yoga West Island.

In 2008, she was one of the first teachers to teach yin yoga in Montréal.  Since then, yin yoga has been a passion for her own practice and teaching. Yin yoga gives you a chance to have an introspective exploration.  When you take time to look inwards, you can create balance and wellness in our bodies, minds and hearts.

You will find her at her studios, Modo Yoga NDG and Modo Yoga West Island.   She has settled in West Island of Montréal with her husband and 3 beautiful and crazy children!

She has over 4000 hours of dedicated yoga training and still passionate about learning and teaching.

Lana has studied yin yoga with:

Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers, Bernie Clark, Joe Barnett

Her Hatha Yoga training includes studying under Hart Lazar, Schuyler Grant, Baron Baptiste, Richard Freeman and at Moksha Yoga Teacher Training.


"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"


Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Ahimsa for Earth

Be Green with a Yin Yoga Training the comes to you

I believe in living a life full of joy, gratitude, and respect for all.  These feelings inform and guide our core teachings and practices in both my personal life, in my yoga practice and teaching, and in my own yoga studios.  After attending over 20 teacher trainings and workshops, I wanted to do my part to lessen the environmental impact of teacher trainings.  Rather than have all the trainees fly in, 1 ticket to fly the teacher to them makes so much more sense.   

Each studio is unique in what works best.  Ideally, the Yin Yoga Teacher Training would take over 2 long weekends, spaced out over 2 months.  
Please contact me and I would be happy to find a schedule that works for your studio.


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